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luxury drip cake, toffee apple, chocolate and caramel drip cake
naked wedding cake for oswestry customer
traditional wedding cake for wrexham customer

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36 vanilla cupcakes with a buttercream swirl in any colour buttercream. 

Each topped with sprinkles and a 'Mini Chupa Chup Lolly'


Valid: Up toJuly 2018

Expires: 30th July 2018



  • 8 inch round pinata cake, vanilla sponge, layered with strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream. 
  • The cake filled with a surprise center of sweets and chocolates!
  • The cake is topped with a huge fish bowl filled with sweets and chocolate, then on top of the bowl a single cupcake decorated especially with the birthday boy/girls name on just for them.
  • 12 cupcakes surrounding the main cake, each topped with a mini chupa chup lolly.


Feeds approx 37 people

Valid all of 2018!

8 inch round cake to feed approx 24 people

Set design - £35

​Valid: 10th Sept - 10th Oct ONLY