Luxury Drip Cakes

Looking for a special birthday cake!? Take a browse through this page for inspiration and ideas for childrens birthday cakes, novelty birthday cakes, something special for a milestone birthday. We can arrange childrens party cake packages to include a main cutting cake plus a selection of cupcakes.  Covering: Oswestry, Wrexham, Shrewsbury, Shropshire - That WOW factor birthday cake is on your doorstep!

Bespoke cakes for all occasions

All about 'Princess'.

This large two tier Princess Castle Cake came complete with 4 turrets filled with sweeties! 

'Gravity Defying Cake'

​Confuse everyone with this possible but impossible looking gravity defying cake! This style can be applied to ANY theme! 

Anti gravity cake, floating cake, structure cake

'The Ultimate'

Triple layered chocolate cake, and vanilla rich cake. Iced and decorated with sweets, popping candy, chocolate bars, strawberry laces and lolly pops. All topped off with a giant chocolate smash cake filled with hundreds of sweets and chocolate. Watch your little one whack it to reveal a huge spill of goodies.

Go for something Gravity Defying! Floating paint bottles, chocolates, malteasers, floating beer bottle cakes, the options are endless!

This Art Attack Cake came complete with the birthday girls very own artwork made edible so they could eat their own drawings!

Childrens Birthday Cakes

Milestone Birthday Cakes

What about a 'hidden surprise cake' with sweets buried in the center of the cake or even a piece of jewellery for a special birthday. We can wrap the box in food safe wrap and hide it in the middle of your cake!

King's Cake House

Novelty Birthday Cakes